Enabling the Net Defense Firewall

For the highest level of computer protection and control, enable Net Defense to replace or complement the basic firewall provided with Windows operating systems. If you are using Windows XP, you may be able to disable the Windows Firewall. If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7, use Net Defense in addition to the Windows Firewall.

To activate the Net Defense firewall:

1       On the Security tab, click Net Defense.

2       Click Enable Net Defense Firewall.

NOTE:   If you are using the advanced rules, you must restart your PC.

When Net Defense is enabled, the Network Traffic area of the Net Defense window displays real-time information about the programs that are trying to access the network.

§       Incoming Traffic includes any data entering your computer through the network connection.

§       Outgoing Traffic includes any data leaving your computer through the network connection.

§       Blocked Traffic includes all data prevented from entering or leaving your computer.

After you activate the Net Defense firewall, edit the Net Defense settings to determine the level of protection, applications that can access the network, and computers that can access your computer. For more information, see Editing Net Defense Settings.

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